Murder at the Mission

Eager to come to terms with her grandfather's unexpected death, Norah decides to distract herself by writing the story of her great-grandparents. As Norah becomes caught up in the tales of her sleuthing great-grandparents and their adventures solving mysteries, the present starts to overlap.

Soon Norah is caught up in a real-life mystery that could lead her to discover the truth behind her friend, Mariette’s, addiction. As the pieces fall into place, the evidence points to the possibility of Mariette being drugged without her knowledge. As past and present collide, will Norah find the true culprit and will she be in time to prevent anyone else being hurt?

All Trussed Up

Small-town drama catches bookstore/bistro owners Fay Lynn and Gayla when their best friend is falsely accused of murdering the mayor -- the man everyone in town loved to hate.


Now, as they work together to solve another mystery, new secrets come out into the light. Will one of those be the end of Fay Lynn?


Walk right in and pull up a chair. There is good food, great company and marvelous adventure to enjoy. This mystery will tickle your fancy and teach a little along the way. You will either chuckle about being Frank’s doppelganger or vie for one of the delightful women characters that grace the pages.

Pamela provides the wonderful world of mystery with good old town sensibilities

that is a real joy to read.